Thanks and goodbye, Sentia

I leave Sentia Media this week after more than 5 memorable years. And it is like stepping out of the cool shade into the intense heat of a tropical sun. It is more than a trifle uncomfortable.

There are many things that I am thankful to Sentia for, and many of them are ineffable. I’ll try and put into brief words my gratitude where it is within my skills to express. My impulse to write a longer piece is best avoided in our social media age.

In the midst of our daily battles together to further our company’s mission, there were brief interludes of conversation and benign gossip with colleagues and friends. I will always remember with admiration their warmth, liveliness and refreshing charm in the face of our everyday challenges. So thank you, dear colleagues and friends, for finding those precious moments to infect me enduringly with your enthusiasm!

Sentia remains a solid, steady ship in the proverbial stormy seas of the media industry. The team we colloquially referred to as the ‘generals’, despite their normal strategic and tactical ups-and-downs, continues to win the appreciation and respect of a broad swathe of their troops.  And this is even truer of the commander-in-chief, who goes to great lengths to ensure that internal communications, the lifeblood of any organisation, flow robustly throughout the company. So thank you, John, for keeping your door open – literally and metaphorically – to ideas, suggestions and thoughts from anyone in the Sentia family.

I have now leapt from the cliff, so to say, not because I fell out of love with the company, but because I longed again for the raw thrill of uncertainty. My job at Sentia was my first real job ever, as I had previously always ‘worked for myself’. So, after these five years, my deepest gratitude goes to all of Sentia Media – for giving me the confidence, as I do my own version of Felix Baumgartner without a parachute, that I will build my wings on the way down.


2 thoughts on “Thanks and goodbye, Sentia

  1. This comes as a surprise, Nav. It’s sad to see you go, but what a beautiful note to leave us with. May luck follow you.


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